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immediate Function + Flapless Surgery

NobelGuide is a revolutionary treatment planning and surgical implementation system enabling you to transfer extraoral planning into the mouth with unrivaled accuracy and ease.

With NobelGuide™ the placing of the implant, abutment and restorative crown or bridge is simultaneous. It is applicable to any patient indication, by using either conventional modeling or computer aided-3D design – NobelGuide™ shows you the exact position and depth of the implants before surgery.

This information enables Nobel Biocare or your lab to produce a surgical template which guides the flapless procedure from start to a completely successful placement.

In practice, this means beautiful teeth for your patients in just one visit.

• Easy, safe and predictable

• No healing time requiredprior to functioning Who wouldn't love the idea of having beautiful, great working teeth – by only attending a few appointments and a minimally invasive procedure that gets you back in social and working life in no time? With NOBELGUIDE™ you can make all these promises to your patients.

• Maximun comfortBased on flapless surgery, reducing pain and swelling

• Immediate cost saving Built on Immediate Function™, reducing costly time off from working life

• Fast TreatmentCombination of Immediate Function™ and a pre-made, temporary or final, prosthetic solution ready at time of surgery radically shortens treatment time. Applying a final prosthetic solution means real "Teeth-in-an-Hour".

• Long and short term estheticsComplete range of prosthetic possibilities based on NOBELESTHETICS™.

It is a great pleasure for us at Nobel Biocare to be able to introduce a new treatment concept called Teeth in an Hour™.

The new concept

The new concept represents a giant step forward in the development of implant treatment protocols that are easier and more patient friendly. By combining a unique planning program, a surgical template and the immediate loading concept , it is possible to surgically place implants in bone using a flapless approach and to insert a fixed bridge during a single appointment.

Treatment solution

At the present time, this treatment solution is only intended for edentulous jaws where:

  • sufficient amount of jaw bone exists
  • the quality of the jaw bone is adequate for immediate loading
  • opening the mouth at least 50 mm is possible (important especially for lower jaws while teeth are present in the opposite jaw)
  • the health of the patient is not compromised

A unique planning and treatment solution

The Teeth-in-an-Hour™ protocol is a unique solution made possible by the Procera ®System. A custom fabricated precision drill guide and a pre-manufactured prosthesis, based on CT images and virtual planning, can be made before surgery. The major decisions of the treatment are made during the planning. The execution of the implant placement that follows is performed with minimal surgical intervention.

Computerised technology

The rapid development of computerised tomography (CT) scan techniques with decreased radiation and 3D computerised imaging technology has made it possible to fully visualise the placement of implants in a real 3D environment.

High precision

The use of surgical templates to place implants has been shown to provide added value and surgical templates with high precision sleeves have optimised prosthetic rehabilitation since planning is both anatomically and prosthetically driven.

The result

Teeth-in-an-Hour™allows the possibility to provide patients fiexd, well-functioning, and esthetic prostheses on implants in less than an hour. Thanks to the flapless technique, this treatment will be a totally fantastic experience for your patients with

- greatly reduced healing time

- no temporaries

- no significant pain nor swelling

Concept overview

1. Patient's first visit to the clinic

- Impression making

- Occlusal index

2. CT scan

3. Dentist/surgeon planning on the computer

4. Dental laboratory

- Surgical template

- Index

- Fixed bridge

5. Second visit to clinic

Implant placement

Delivery of fixed bridge


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