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Easy to use

Replace Select Tapered is the fastest growing implant on the market because it is so easy.It can be used for both one- and two-stage surgery.

HA-coated or TiUnite surface

Available with HA coating or the unique TiUnite surface.

Straight, accurate, easy, fast insertion

Many dentist and specialists prefer the parallel-well design. Replace Select Straight is the ideal self-tapping parallel implant for all bone types and shapes. The drilling procedure is easy and the parallel design allows for the final adjustment of the insertion depth. The doublethreaded design stabilizes the implant during placement and reduces insertion time.

Perfect for one- or two-stage surgery

It can be used for both one- and two-stage surgery.
The manual torque wrench, easy and safe, allows you to evaluate implant stability and the potential for immediate function.

Immediate loading

Replace Select Straight implants are indicated for immediate loading, recognizing surfficient bone stability and appropriate occlusal loading. This allows you to choos the prosthetic procedure which is best for the patient.


Clinical studies on Replace® Select Tapered and Straight Implants

The Replace® implants are available with a straight and a tapered body, and with two different surfaces: TiUnite™ and HA. The documentation referred to below consists of articles and abstracts published, or accepted for publication, in scientific journals.


TiUnite® surface

The TiUnite® surface was introduced on the market in the year 2000. It has proven to support the healing process and to better preserve implant stability during healing in both experimental and clinical studies (1-28). Numerous studies have evaluated the clinical performance of TiUnite® implants, in various clinical and preclinical situations using different types of protocol and with various follow-up times(29-59).
Five-year data have recently been published, demonstrating good long-term results for TiUnite® implants (9).



The HA-coated surface has been documented in long-term studies including more than 3600 implants placed in about 1400 patients followed for 5 years after prosthetic loading. The results show high cumulative implant success rates, between 95 and 98% (60-64). Published articles with short-term results (1-2 years) on the HA-coated implants, used in single-stage surgery and early or immediate function, show the same high implant success rates (70-80).
Histological evaluations of retrieved HA-coated implants in humans show that the Replace® HA-coating is not prone to resorption or dissolution in contact with bone tissue (81-84).

Tapered and straight implant body designs

The Replace® Select implant with a tapered design was introduced on the market in 1997 and has been documented in several clinical studies (73-80, 85-92). In most of these studies, single-stage surgery and immediate function were applied, and the implants were often placed directly into extraction sockets (73-80). The results show high cumulative implant success rates, between 97 and 100 %, after 1 year of prosthetic loading.
The Replace® Select straight implants have the same body design as the Brånemark System® implants. This implant design is extensively documented in the many long-term (up to 20 years follow-up), prospective clinical studies performed over the last decades (93-133).

In June 2005, NobelReplace™ was introduced. This implant has the same implant body as the Replace Select® with the additional feature of TiUnite® surface on the entire body and grooves on threads and collar.

Clinical studies on NobelReplace™ are currently ongoing.


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• Scalloped design makes natural soft tissue contours possible
• Minimally invasive surgery
• Immediate Function™
• Beautiful esthetics, no "black triangles"
• One-stage surgery reduces visits
• TiUnite® all the way up
• Grooves on threads and coronal part of the implant

This is the revolutionary scalloped profile of NobelPerfect™. Natural looking like no other dental implant. Offers a perfect smile - and a universe of confidence.


In harmony with the physiologic structures

NobelPerfect is the first implant designed to replicate natural anatomy. The scalloped design is based on several studies of the physiologic bone morphology around natural teeth.

The revolutionary scalloped profile is designed to support the interproximal bone ridge and make natural soft tissue contours possible with implants. The result is optimal esthetics with patient pleasing beautiful papillae.

The problematic triangle

It is a well-known fact that over time, interproximal bone often resorbs between flat-top implants as a result of the establishment of the biologic width. It is also known that the distance between the most apical inter-dental contact area and the top of the underlying bone should not exceed 5 mm in order to avoid "black triangles" between teeth.

NobelPerfect follows natural anatomy, so for the first time, the bone can be preserved and thereby provide adequate soft tissue support.


Perfect overall harmony

NobelPerfect replicates natural anatomy with anatomic design and all patients exhibiting a three-dimensional osseous topography will benefit from this design.

NobelPerfect can be used in all positions with scalloped bone anatomy but the primary advantage is in the premolar-to-premolar region for single or multiple units. In a single tooth replacement, interproximal soft tissue normally is supported by the interproximal bone adjacent to the natural tooth. Even here, a NobelPerfect implant should be placed in case the patient looses an adjacent tooth in the future.

The scalloped implant means no black triangle - here's the Perfect overall harmony of soft and hard tissue.



complete solutions for every indication
We offer a complete solutions package of crown, bridge and implants. We have the important temporary solutions to cover all implants. And everything needed for permanent Beautiful Teeth Now™.

You can choose from our standard prosthetic assortment with products in all necessary configurations. Or the infinitely customized options available with our premium solutions.

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