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Dr Phillip F. Ajaje is a Sydney Based Dental surgeon, who graduated in 1994 from University of Sydney.

After gaining his Bachelor of Dentistry Degree, he worked at a practice in Liverpool until embarking on practice ownership in 1996.

In 2004 Dr Phillip opened the new state of the art surgery in Liverpool and in 2005 opened the new surgery in Mascot NSW.

The focus of the well designed surgeries was the neccesity to create an atmosphere for his patients second to none. The combination of State of the art equipment and his dental artistry meant that the patient would recieve the ultimate in cosmetic dental procedures and walk away with the smile that they have always wanted.

When you mention cosmetic dentistry in Sydney, Australia one of the leading dentist that comes to mind is Dr. Phillip F. Ajaje. Dr Phillip is widely recognized as one of the country's leading dentists and is responsible for creating many beautiful smiles.

Dr Phillip F. Ajaje believe's that improving patients' smiles through conservative, non-evasive cosmetic dental techniques has a positive impact on their overall appearance and self-confidence.

When Dr. Phillip is away from his busy office, he enjoys spending time with his wife Feda and his two daughters, Yasmine and Leila. He named the 2 Surgeries Yaslei House 1 and 2 after his daughters names (Yasmine and Leila). Additionally, he is a car enthusiast, photographer and musician.

Dr Phillip F. Ajaje is one of the leading dental surgeons in Australia due to the fact that he is always upgrading his education and furthering his dental knowledge on a regular basis. He is a sustaining member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), the biggest institue in the world when it comes to cosmetic dentistry.

This AACD provide cosmetic dental courses every year and Dr Phiilip attends these courses to further improve himself to provide all the latest in cosmetic dental procedures to his patients.

Below are all the acreditation and experience levels achieved.

Professional Experience:
• Cosmetic Dentistry
• Minor Oral Surgery
• Endodontics (ant and post)
• Prosthodontics
• Orthodontics
• Implantology
• Restorative Dentistry


• 15th February, 1997
General Practice Orthodontics, Dr.Walt Pfzinger

• 22nd August, 1997
Post Graduate Course in Orthopedics and Orthodontics
International Association for Orthodontics Dr. Brock Rondeau

• 25th November, 2000
Certificate Course in the Theory and Practical,
Dr A. Dickenson Application of the ITI Dental Implant System Dr John Pritchard by Straumman

• 3rd August, 2002
International Lingual Orthodontics

SDS Ormco Dr. Didier Fillion

• 1st December, 2002
Accreditation Certificate Level - 1, 2, 3
The Australian Society of Implant Dentistry

• 24th February, 2003
Head & Neck Anatomy and Dissection
Sydney University, Department of Anatomy
And Histology Dr. Fiona Stewart

• February, 2003
Accreditation Certificate Level - 4
The Australian Society of Implant Dentistry

• 4th April, 2003
Herbst Appliance Course, Dr. Paul Buchholz
SDS Ormco

• 30th August, 2003
Maximizing Aesthetics
Las Vegas Institute Dr. W Dickinson
Dr. Hugo Sachs

• November 2003
Laser Dentistry Course
The University of Queensland Prof. Laurence J Walsh

• June 2004
Rotary Endodontics Level 1
SDS Kerr Dr. Martin Troupe

• 23rd April 2004
American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
Picture Perfect – Revealing The Beauty “Picture Perfect”
Vancouver 2004

• November 2004
Rotary Endodontics Level 2, Dr. Martin Troupe
SDS Kerr

• February 2005
Rotary Endodontics Level 3, Dr. Martin Troupe
SDS Kerr

• 27th April 2005
American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
Significant Science, Magnificent Art “Magnificent Art”
Nashville 2005

• May/June 2005
ADA Dental Microscopy, Dr. Jim Ironside

• 2004-2005
Mini – Residency Orthodontics, Dr. Derek Mahony
EODO – Completion of 6 Modules


  1. Australian Dental Association
  2. American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
  3. Australian Society of Implant Dentistry
  4. International Association for Orthodontics
  5. American Academy of Implant Dentistry
  6. American Association of Functional Orthodontics
  7. American Academy of Periodontology
  8. Academy of General Dentistry
  9. Australian Osseointegration Society
  10. Australian Dental Association NSW
  11. International congress of Oral Implantologist
  12. Dental Organisation for Conscious Sedation
  13. American Dental Association
  14. American Academy of Laser Dentistry
  15. FDI World Dental Federation
  16. Australasian Association of orafacial orthopaedics


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