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Dental Health Insurance

Dental work is rarely put in the same category as other medical treatments. Dental plans arenít included in basic health insurance plans. The main reason for this is that all dental work is elective and to a degree, cosmetic. Although dental pains cause discomfort, they are not critical to your ongoing health. This is why dental insurance is a separate policy to medical insurance. Some medical plans include dental coverage as an additional feature.

Dental insurance covers a portion of the cost of simple cleaning, x-rays, check-ups and orthodontic work. If you go for a check-up every six months, which is the dentistís recommendation, you can actually claim the full cost of your consultation.

Who needs dental insurance?

Dental insurance is necessary for anyone who cares about their teeth and also doesnít like paying the full price for dental work. Dental insurance is one of the few insurance plans in the marketplace that gives you ongoing value for the duration of your plan. In fact, dental insurance policies generally encourage you to go more often so you get full benefit from it. Dental insurance is not mandatory but the cost pays itself back many times over during your lifetime.


What typically does a dental insurance policy cover?

Dental insurance has many different levels of cover. You can opt for basic dental health maintenance which will cover a portion (occasionally the whole cost) of certain procedures such as fillings, root canal work and general maintenance. More extensive policies will cover extensive periodontics, orthodontics, oral prosthetics, oral surgery, all sorts of filling, tooth and bridge work, as well as check-ups and cleaning. There are usually no waiting period or cover maximums if you have a comprehensive policy.


What typically does a dental insurance policy not cover?

The more broad policies tend to cover every eventuality. Basic plans tend to omit structural work in their plans and only cover basic work to a degree. Some policies will only cover a 50% schedule, meaning you have to pay for 50% of all work done. Each plan is different so check the terms, conditions and coverage of each prospective insurer before you make a decision.

Additional insurance products that policy holders might need in this area
Some kinds of health insurance have a degree of dental insurance attached so it may be worthwhile to invest in these. Dental insurance by itself does tend to be more comprehensive than a dental inclusion in a health insurance plan, so see if it will suit you.


Additional coverage for a dental insurance policy

Dental insurance can be as basic or as comprehensive as you wish. The amount of cover you opt for will reflect how much you value your teeth. You opt for the plan you feel will suit you the best and there will be no need for additional coverage.


What will dental insurance typically cost?

The more basic types of dental insurance require very little investment from the policyholder as they provide only a small benefit. Comprehensive policies may cost hundreds of dollars a year but cover you for work that may go into the thousands of dollars.


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